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June 6, 2024

Common Inquiries Regarding Elegant Custom Cabinetry

Common Inquiries Regarding Elegant Custom Cabinetry
  • Find answers to your custom cabinetry questions
  • Discover how Posh Design can help you with bespoke cabinets for your home
  • Understand what makes Posh Design different

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Creating stunning, custom cabinets that turn ordinary rooms into opulent retreats is our forte within thePosh Group Services. Every project is different because of our tailored approach, and we know that our customers have a lot of questions. To assist you understanding our approach and what makes us unique in the bespoke cabinetry market, we have addressed some of the most frequently asked questions below.

1. Can you explain what "bespoke cabinetry" is?

Cabinets that are bespoke to meet your exact specifications and measurements are known as “bespoke cabinetry”. With bespoke cabinets, you can rest assured that they will fit your space perfectly and have a one-of-a-kind appearance, unlike mass-produced alternatives.

2. What is the procedure for creating a design at Posh Group Services?

The first step in our collaborative design process is a consultation. Here is a detailed outline of the process with Posh Group Services:

1.    Consultation: We get together with you to talk about your goals, requirements, and financial situation. You have the option to do this in person or online.

2.    Design & Quote Proposal: Our designers will provide a comprehensive proposal that includes material samples, sketches, and a complete analysis based on the consultation.

3.    Approval: We take your feedback into account and make adjustments to the designs until you're content.

4.    Production: Our expert artisans will begin constructing your cabinets using premium materials as soon as the design is green lit.

5.    Installation: After the cabinets are done, our expert staff will install them, making sure every detail is just right and working properly.

Custom built cabinet with 2 drawers

3. What are the materials that you employ?

To make sure our products last and look great, we exclusively utilise high-quality materials here at Posh Design. Our selection includes high-quality boards, doors, worktops and accessories. To help you find the perfect finish for your cabinets, we provide a large variety of options ranging from classic to contemporary styles, we can create a truly amazing space that will stand the test of time.

4. Can you tell me the duration of the process?

How long it takes to complete a custom cabinetry project is directly proportional to its scale and level of complexity. It usually takes between 8to 12 weeks from the first consultation all the way to the final installation.While working on the proposal, we lay out a comprehensive schedule and keep you informed every step of the way.

5. Are you able to coordinate with the current furnishings and cabinets?

If you are looking to add to your current space, to make sure your new furniture blends in with your existing decor, we can show materials and colours to match. Our designer can also recommend complimenting colours and design styles if the colour you currently have is no longer produced.

6. Is there a green option available?

Sure thing! We provide sustainable materials and finishes because we care about the environment. We use eggar boards for our cabinets due to their eco-friendly approach which falls in line with our ethos. We have other suppliers which are also environmentally driven so the green option is always available. We are also looking to invest heavily into machinery that is able to destroy our waste and heat our manufacturing facility.

7. How is Posh Design different from other providers of cabinetry?

When compared to our competitors, Posh Design prides itself on its+- commitment to quality, individual attention, and careful attention to detail. We bring extensive expertise and a stellar reputation to our role as an affiliate ofPosh Group Services. By customising our services to meet the specific requirements of each client, we are able to create cabinetry that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, whilst still staying competitive on price.

8. What is the first step in beginning a project for custom cabinetry?

Jumping in is a breeze! To set up your first appointment, just give us a call.


Any of these methods - phone, email, or our website - will get you in touch with us.

If you need assistance realising your idea, our crew is here to help.

Hopefully, you have gained some useful information into Posh Design's bespoke cabinetry services from this FAQ. Do not hesitate to contact us again at anytime, whether you have further inquiries or are in a position to launch your project. We are excited to collaborate with you to design exquisite, one-of-a-kind spaces that will transform your home.

Contact Us:

Phone: 0121 446 6859 / 07578719091
Email: info@poshdesignltd.co.uk / sales@poshdesignltd.co.uk
Website: www.poshdesignltd.co.uk  

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Roozbeh Saedi
Roozbeh Saedi

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