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June 10, 2024

Luxurious Interior Design by Posh Group Services: A Touch of Class and Mastery

Luxurious Interior Design by Posh Group Services: A Touch of Class and Mastery
  • Find out how Posh Design Group started
  • Learn more about how Posh Design has evolved with the times
  • Find out how Posh Design is expanding
  • What lies ahead for Posh Design Group?

If you're looking for a company that will go above and beyond for your home improvement and interior design needs, go no further than Posh Group Services. Posh Group Services, established in 2020 by entrepreneur Roozbeh Saedi, has grown from a small start-up into a dominant player in the custom cabinets, flooring, wallpaper, e-commerce, and hospitality industries.

The Story of How Posh Group Services Begun

Roozbeh Saedi's journey with Posh Group Services started with a bold yet attainable goal: to revolutionise interior design and take living spaces to a whole new level of class and refinement. Posh Group Services has grown from its humble beginnings as Posh Design Ltd, a bespoke cabinetry supply and installation service to become renowned for its meticulousness, skill, and commitment to ensuring customer happiness.


How Chic Design Has Changed Over Time.

Posh Design, a subset of Posh Group Services, has become a byword for understated elegance and sophistication. Posh Design has always stood out from the competition because of the all-inclusive offerings it provides to clients. These offerings coverall aspect of the design process. Every project undergoes meticulous attention to detail at Posh Design, beginning with the initial concept and continuing through installation, and of course after sales, which Posh Group believe is just as important. Posh Group values its clients and the hard-earned money they spend, therefore every penny you spend with Posh Group Services is spent well.Customer Service That Is Second to None.

An endless commitment to exceeding client expectations is the foundation of Posh Group Services. Professionalism, honesty, and a never-ending dedication to going beyond what is expected are hallmarks of every encounter with Posh Design. Everyone on the team shares Roozbeh Saedi's enthusiasm for producing outstanding results since he established a culture of excellence in the organisation.


High-Quality Materials, Expert Construction

Posh Group Services has built its reputation on a consistent commitment to using premium materials and a team of skilled artisans that have a keen eye to detail. Posh Group Services procure the highest quality materials from all corners of the globe, whether it is custom, bespoke, cabinetry, luxury carpeting, or stunning wallpaper. Interiors radiate refinement and class because every detail is hand-made and hand-crafted to perfection.

From Idea to Final Product: The Posh Experience

The comprehensive nature of PoshGroup Services' interior design services is what makes them stand out. PoshDesign differs from conventional design businesses by actively engaging with clients and assisting them throughout the entire process, rather than just providing consultation services. Clients can have faith in the professionals handling every aspect of the project, from the first consultation through to the last piece installed.

The ability to innovate and adapt

Keeping ahead of the competition in a dynamic sector requires a mindset that is both innovative and adaptable.As Head of Posh Group Services, and the company's Creative Director Roozbeh Saedi knows how critical it is to adapt to changing times while maintaining the fundamental principles that have made the company successful. Posh GroupServices is always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative interior design, whether it's using state-of-the-art digital visualisation tools or integrating sustainable materials into their designs.


We are branching out from cabinetry to the hospitality industry.

The foundation of Posh GroupServices is still Posh Design, but the scope of work goes well beyond home interiors. The company has expanded its client base and product offerings to include Posh Design Online Store, Posh Design Hospitality, Posh Design Flooring and Wallpaper, and of course where it all started, Posh Design Kitchen andBedrooms.

Customers can elevate the look of their homes with the help of Posh Flooring and Wallpaper's carefully chosen collection of high-quality flooring materials and exquisite wallpaper patterns. With the same meticulous eye for quality and style, Posh Online Store curates a wide variety of home decor items, including furniture and accessories, and makes it easy for customers to shop for high quality at amazing prices and purchase from the comfort of their own home.

Posh Hospitality represents the latest frontier in PoshGroup Services' expansion, bringing the company's signature blend of luxury and hospitality to hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces. Posh Hospitality is the gold standard in the hospitality business, whether they are creating unique interiors for boutique hotels or assembling immersive experiences for five-star resorts.


In Search of What Lies Ahead

Posh Group Services is making history as it expands and improves with each passing year. The company is well-positioned to further establish itself as a frontrunner in the home renovation and interior design industry thanks to its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Posh Group Services, headed by the inspirational Roozbeh Saedi, will keep on innovating and producing high-quality, enduring interiors that will be admired for many years.

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Roozbeh Saedi
Roozbeh Saedi

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