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June 17, 2024

Renovating Victorian Homes for Modern Living

Renovating Victorian Homes for Modern Living
  • Read more about how to treasure your Victorian home whilst renovating.
  • Tips for modern Victorian exteriors
  • Tips for modern Victorian interiors.

Victorian houses are iconic for their exquisite details and opulent façade, representing architectural grandeur for centuries. While these ancient homes have charm and character, converting them to modern living can bring a unique set of obstacles. How can one achieve a balance between keeping the authenticity of the past and embracing modern comforts and aesthetics? Let's look at how to renovate Victorian homes so that they can be treasured by future generations.

Modernising the Exterior

The first step in repairing a Victorian house is to preserve the distinctive exterior, which showcases the era's architectural excellence. Here are some recommendations for retaining the authenticity of the façade.

1. Restoring Ornamental Details

Restore ornate details like corbels, brackets, and trim to honour traditional craftsmanship. Repair any broken pieces while adhering to the original design look.

2. Replicating Historic Paint Colours

Research famous Victorian paint colours and apply them to outdoor surfaces. To portray the era's richness, choose rich colours like deep reds, forest greens, and royal blues.

3. Upgrade Structural Elements

Optimise energy efficiency and durability by upgrading windows, doors, and roofing materials while maintaining the facade's historic character. To maintain the design's integrity, use modern materials that seem like traditional materials.

Modernising the Interior

Victorian mansions are famed for their elaborate exteriors, but the interior rooms sometimes need to be modernised to fit current living standards.Here are some ideas for upgrading the interior while maintaining the aesthetic of the time:

1. Open Floor Plan

Victorian houses sometimes have compartmentalised design, with separate rooms for each function. To create a sense of openness and fluidity, remove on-load-bearing walls from the floor plan. This enables for a smooth transition between living rooms while preserving the architectural integrity of the property.

2. Incorporating Modern facilities

Incorporate modern facilities like updated kitchen appliances, central heating and cooling systems, and smart home technologies while maintaining the Victorian house's historic appeal. To preserve a consistent appearance, conceal modern items under period-appropriate facades or custom cabinetry.

3. Mixing Old and New

Incorporate contemporary furnishings and décor with period-appropriate pieces to create a striking contrast. Mix and match styles to create a customised design that honours the home's heritage while reflecting your unique preferences and lifestyle.

4. Restoring Architectural aspects

Preserve and restore original architectural aspects like hardwood flooring, crown moulding, and fireplace mantels to provide authenticity to interior spaces. Refinish woodwork, repair plaster mouldings, and replace broken parts to restore the Victorian era's splendour. To renovate a Victorian home for modern living, it's important to strike a balance between keeping the era's authenticity and introducing modern amenities and design. By preserving the exterior's architectural integrity and thoughtfully modernising the internal spaces, homeowners may breathe new life into these historic gems while honouring their illustrious past. With careful design and attention to detail, the majesty of Victorian mansions may be preserved for future generations, ensuring that they remain treasured icons in our communities.

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